Buy a House or Hire an Employee: Ignore the Job Market and You Lose

I have been living in my house for over 37 years. That’s a long time – especially considering the fact that it only took me four days to find it and wrap up the deal!

I live in a small town. In 1979 there were only about 4500 residents. Because […] Continue Reading…

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The Plane Can’t Take Off – 3 Steps to Soaring Sales

It was a freezing cold January day. So, when I left my office a little after 5PM, I was really in no mood to drive to Cambridge. Going home, building a fire and reading my book was what I really wanted to do. But I had preregistered for an […] Continue Reading…

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Put a Wrinkle in Your Hiring

Would you hire a candidate who was 70 years old? That’s a loaded question, I know. And I really don’t expect you to give me the answer. But this country just hired someone who is 70 years old for a job that is essentially 24/7/365 with about 40% international […] Continue Reading…

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Ain’t Interested in the Interest


I love to shop at Nordstrom’s. Everything in the store is presented attractively and the salespeople are numerous and helpful — a perfect combination. Now if I could knock down some of their prices, I’d really be happy. So, more often than not, you’ll find me […] Continue Reading…

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Hold Your Nose and Hire? Please Don’t!

The current market for qualified candidates to fill your open jobs is pretty “tight” right now, speaking in recruiter terms. In Massachusetts, we have a 4.2% unemployment rate. There are many, many open positions, at all levels and in all kinds of companies – from technology to retail. When […] Continue Reading…

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Candidate Phone Screening Tips

That little girl you see, preparing to dig into her sushi, is my granddaughter, Maria. She LOVES sushi and whenever she comes to visit sharing some quality time at the sushi bar is tops on our list of things to do.

In preparation for Maria’s visit next month, I […] Continue Reading…

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How to Spot the White Lies in a Resume

Wallander is ending. I am depressed. The fourth and final season started last week.
To watch this episode, I wrapped myself in a comfy robe, set a fire in the fireplace, inserted my earplugs and watched it on my iPad – my viewing preference. I will truly miss Kurt Wallander’s […] Continue Reading…

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Guiding Your Team in the Hiring Process

Have you been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras?  Or Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Parade?  Or possibly New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?   How about Richmond, for the Easter Parade?  What? Never heard of that one?  Well, add it to your travel list.

Besides the treat of […] Continue Reading…

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Hiring Employees Who Reinforce Your Brand

Call me crazy. I traded in my sand chair for skis last week. Instead of heading south to Sanibel Island, Florida, I headed north to Bretton Woods, New Hampshire – in a snowstorm! While I must admit to second-guessing myself as frequent white-out conditions persisted, I hadn’t been in that neck […] Continue Reading…

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Afraid of Losing Your Remote Control?

As I write this the sky is grey and pregnant – “a snow sky,” as New Englanders call it. And, the first flake has just crashed to earth in my back yard. I’m also listening to the constant hammering of an electrician installing cables on the roof and in […] Continue Reading…

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